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Evergreen Mowers
Sales and Service and repair of Outdoor Power Equipment since 1986
Lynnwood WA

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Service and repair

We do Service and repair as well as sales, and only do warranty on the ones we sold.

Husqvarna lawnmower img.

Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

Good selection of durable, reasonably priced mowers.

Ybravo lawnmower img.

Ybravo Commercial mowers

These mowers are the new mowers to get for our wet grass problems.

Saves time, very sturdy, well built.

Do more lawns a day, more money in your pocket.

California Trimmer reel lawnmowers

California Trimmer

These mowers will make your lawn look like a golf course.

Husqvarna automower img.

Robotic Lawnmower
Want your time back?

You work hard all week, do you need to work on the weekend to?

These mowers will maintain your lawn, and never complain or want to get paid.

Mows in the rain so you don't have to.

Even better that a rider, no need to bounce around, and has less maintenance. 

Mows up to 1.25 acre of grass, or more with multiple mowers.

California Trimmer Hover mower

California Trimmer Hover mower

Great for hard to reach areas

Husqvarna cordless battery equipment

Husqvarna cordless battery equipment

The Husqvarna Battery Series is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion, high-performance battery that is not only extremely durable, but is also interchangeable between all machines.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna Chainsaws

These, light in weight, durable, low vibration, saws are great.

Have many to choose from.

Husqvarna String trimmers

Husqvarna String trimmers

Very durable, professional quality trimmers built to last.

Husqvarna Blowers

Husqvarna Blowers

Good selection of Blowers, from Handheld to the most powerful blower available.

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers

These hedge trimmers will make your time in short order

Husqvarna Rototillers

Husqvarna Rototillers

Have both the front and rear tine, priced reasonably and durable.

Husqvarna Polesaw

Husqvarna Polesaws

These polesaws will save time, and they beat falling off ladders.

McLane Edger

McLane Edger

A must need, to give your lawn the final touch.

Other brands of Equipment

Other equipment availabe on special order bases.


Check out some tips to help things go more smoothly

Parts sales


Service and repair
Over 35 years of experience

We offer Tune-Ups, Repairs, and Service on most brands of Gas walk behind Mowers.

Pressure washers, Tillers and Generators are case by case, call first.

In the busy spring time we have the right to turn down jobs due to limited space and time, Customers purchased equipment from us have priority, so please call, or email.

If you have issues in the fall, do not wait till spring to get it ready, so plan in the off season (plus you get a discount), Thanks for understanding.

We also work on anything we sold to you new, in the past years.
Handheld 2 Cycle equipment, we only work on Items you purchased from us, or Husqvarna equipment bought somewhere else, are case by case call us first.

Also offer REEL Mower sharpening, (like the old hand push type) Gas or Push, (except in the spring rush months (March - May) so plan accordingly.)

Lawn Mower service and repair Labor discount (Lawn mowers only) must be picked up within 2 weeks from completion to get the discount.
September, October 15% off labor
November, December, and January 25% off labor
February 15% off labor
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Fine print
We do NOT work on Low end 2 cycle equipment sold thru the big box stores (Due to low priced new, not worth fixing old, their disposable) come and purchase some good ones from us, and we can help you the next time.
We do Not work on Riding or oversized Equipment due to the space requirement, check out the automowers we offer.
Also no Chinese Generators or other China made product sold thru Oreilles’ Auto, Joe's, Harbor Freight etc. (No Parts, (that's the reason for low purchase price, you get what you pay for)) the're disposable.
Parts sales, are only done if we sold you the equipment new, please say so.
Reasons for not offering everything, is small staff, space, and like to offer fast turnaround in getting equipment back to customer.
Equipment left over 30 days will incur a $0.50 per day storage charge from completion date, after 90 days will be sold or disposed. (Sorry we're not your storage solution)

Angies list award 2013

Angie's list 2013

Received Angie's list super service award in 2013

Angies list award 2014

Angie's list 2014

Received Angie's list super service award in 2014

Briggs tech award


WE passed all the certifications on repair and service tests

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16514 Ash Way
Lynnwood WA 98037

Phone: 425-742-1999

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