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Husqvarna Rototillers
Evergreen Mowers - Lynnwood WA
Sales and Service since 1986

These front tine or rear tine Tillers do the Job
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 Husqvarna Tiller in action

Powered to perform

The reliable and powerful Honda and Briggs & Stratton technology used on our tillers and cultivator provide excellent lubrication and cooling as well as low emissions under extreme loads. Powerful engines combine with the robust and reliable design to ensure long service life and consistent, first-in-class performance.

Maximum maneuverability in all conditions

Our tillers enable you to do your work safely, comfortably and with stability. The counterweight on our tillers increases weight on the wheels improving the balance. The heavy tread, agricultural tires provide traction in loose or muddy soil. An ergonomically designed handlebar with comfortable soft-grip and easy access controls, ensure you feel confidently in control of the machine at all times.

 Husqvarna Tiller in action
 Husqvarna Tiller in action

Tilling solutions to fit your needs

Husqvarna offers a wide range of tillers and a cultivator to fit your specific needs. Front tine tillers are best suited for smaller landscaping projects like preparing flower beds and small gardens. Rear-tine tillers with powered wheels and counter-rotating tines break up densely packed soil very effectively. For optimum versatility, choose a tiller equipped to both counter rotate for tilling and forward rotate for cultivating.

Husqvarna DRT900H Rear tine Tiller

Husqvarna DRT900H Rear tine Tiller

The dual rotating tines on the DRT900H provide deep soil tilling on densely packed earth as well as older lawns. 

The DRT900H also features drive wheels with heavy tread tires for optimized grip, forward and reverse gear for easy operation and a powerful Honda engine for landowners that need reliable performance time after time. 

  • Engine type 160 cc Honda OHV engine model GCV160
  • Gross Torque 6.9 lb-ft
  • Cylinder displacement 160 cc
  • Tine Rotational speed 190 rpm
  • Fuel Tank Volume 2 qt
  • Transmission type Chain/Gear
  • Transmission steps forward 1
  • Transmission steps reverse 1
  • Cultivator type Rear-tine
  • Working width 17 inch
  • Working depth 6.5 "
  • Depth adjustment steps 7
  • Weight 200 lbs

Assembled ready to go.

We do the warranty on what we sell.

$879.95 In Stock.

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Lawnmower ramps

Walkbehind lawn mower ramps

Saves your back when loading mowers (or tillers) by yourself.

Cheaper than a Chiropractor.

Made in the USA, by us.

2"x6"x6' wood ramps with a 6" lip to prevent it from slipping off.

Light weight, does not take a lot of space, already assembled and ready to go.

(Not  to be used for riding mowers, use larger ramps)

$49.99 per pair.

No-Spill Gas Cans

Push Button Control

View Stripes Front & Back

Flow Stops Automatically

Fastest Flow Rate

Large Neck Opening

Wide, Stable Design

Professional Quality

3 Year Limited Warranty

Fuel Treatment
Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer

Briggs & Stratton 5-in-1 Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer safeguards engines against common ethanol problems and treats twice the amount of gallons. Our formula protects your engine against the corrosive effects of ethanol and maintains fuel stability for up to 3 years.

  • Triple antioxidant protection, keeps fuel fresh for up to 3 years
  • Dual corrosion inhibitors guard metal engine parts against corrosion

  • Metal de-activator stops chemical reactions caused by dissolved metals in fuel
  • Detergent ingredients prevent gum and varnish build-up on engine parts
  • Water protection inhibitors protect against the harmful effects of water in fuel due to ethanol
  • Protects both 2 and 4 cycle gasoline engine


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