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Ybravo Commercial Lawnmowers
Evergreen Mowers - Lynnwood WA
Sales and Service since 1986

If time is money, this is it, heavy duty, reliable, fast, bags our NW wet grass.
Choice of 21" and 25" cut.
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mowing wet grass

Excellent for our wet grass conditions, so that means more lawns cut when raining, more money in your pocket.

  • Ybravo’s Bravo commercial walk-behind mower is capable of ground speeds up to 4.2 mph at 3,200 engine rpm.
  • The mower features a proprietary heavy-duty 2-speed gear drive transmission (patent pending) and Kawasaki FJ18OV Kai 160 engine that combine to deliver the fastest ground speed in its class.
  • An adjustment knob located at the handle allows the operator to easily adjust the drive engagement of the mower to their personal preference. 
  • The oversized handle tubes are made of 34mm
  • A 14 gauge heavy-duty steel deck providing years of trouble-free commercial use with a rolled
  • lip at the bottom for additional rigidity
  • A Blade Spindle Assembly with forged spindle shaft for optimum strength, die cast aluminum housing for better heat dissipation, innovative lubrication design that places each ball bearing in its own sealed compartment within the spindle housing ensuring permanent lubrication
  • A superior mulching “deep-draw” cutting deck with a special rolled lip that provides superior vacuum for a manicured lawn even in moist conditions
  • A large capacity catcher that fills completely without clogging even in damp grass for fewer stops and is quick and easy to remove straight through the handles without cables in the way
Ybravo transmission


The Bravo 25 is designed around our proprietary 2-speed heavy-duty transmission. The transmission is built tough with oversized gears, and with needle and ball bearings throughout. Additionally the “wheel ratchets” that are normally located at the wheels are incorporated inside the transmission to protect them from the rust and grime of everyday use.



The Bravo 25 uses as its "foundation" a very strong and rigid 14-gauge steel deck. Hardened steel replaceable wear strips protect both trim sides of the deck. The left side aluminum tie-bar provides additional rigidity. Components such as wheel brackets and height adjusters are all "bolt-on" for simple maintenance down the road.



The Bravo 25 has a forged spindle shaft for optimum strength and a die cast aluminum housing for better heat dissipation. Our innovative lubrication design places each ball bearing in its own sealed compartment within the spindle housing ensuring permanent lubrication.



The Bravo 25 has 34mm steel tubes that provide a very strong handle solution with special clamps to route and protect the cables.



The Bravo 25 has an oversized 30mm front axle that protects the front of the mower. In addition, the large diameter axle provides a very rigid and strong mounting device for the front wheels. The axle also can be used to lift the mower when needed.

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 adds an extra 15% in cutting productivity as compared to 21" commercial mowers. Since the weight of the Bravo 25 is similar to a typical 21" commercial mower, you gain the cutting performance of a larger unit, while still enjoying the user friendliness of a lightweight and nimble handling mower.

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 has a CAD designed "deep-draw" cutting deck combined with a rolled lip bottom edge to provide superior vacuum performance. The standard high-lift blade completes the package. The result is a manicured lawn even in moist lush conditions. Your customers will love the look of their lawn!

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 was designed in a clever way to reduce weight to a minimum while still retaining professional durability. CAD design software allowed us to remove excess material from components without compromising strength

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 design is focused on easy and quick maneuverability with low overall weight, excellent front to back balance, and most importantly a narrowed top handle. The special handle shape allows for easier turns when working around plants, trees, fences, and other obstacles.

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 has a large capacity catcher that is very easy to get on and off. You remove the catcher straight through the handles without any cables in the way. The catcher fills completely without clogging even in damp grass. The large capacity means fewer stops on each property.

Large capacity soft bottom bag features an open weave material on the vent- ed area for maximized air flow. The top mounted vent is located in the cleanest part of the bag, with an additional layer of material to provide enhanced dust protection and making it easy to clean and maintain. PLUS, the bag packs full even in wet grass!

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo rides on radial shaped semi-pneumatic wheels. The semi-pneumatic tire has “give” in it to help reduce the harsh bounce caused by the solid wheels on most mowers. The rims of these wheels are made with a modern material that is tougher than steel. The front and rear wheels are fully interchangeable to allow ease of service.

Ybravo feature img


The Bravo 25 has very reasonable spare parts pricing. You will find the spare parts to be much less expensive than competitors. Parts are readily available from your Ybravo dealer or from Ybravo.com on the internet.

Features of the 25" Ybravo.
Kawasaki Engine img.

Kawasaki FJ180V KAI

  • Cast iron cylinder liner
  • Automatic compression release
  • Combined crankcase design
  • Heavy duty recoil
  • Internally vented carburetor
  • Large sealed fan
  • Metal engine shroud
  • Rotating grass screen
  • Roller ball type top bearing
  • Dual element air cleaner
  • Spin on Oil Filter.
  • Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, Vertical shaft, OHV
  • DISPLACEMENT 179cm3 (10.9cu. in.)
  • BORE X STROKE 2.6 x 2.1 in. (65 x 54mm)
  • Max. power 4.5 HP (3.4 kW) / 3600 rpm
  • Max. torque 7.3 ft.lbs (10.0 Nm ) / 2400 rpm
  • OIL CAPACITY 0.6U.S. qt (0.6liters)
  • DRY WEIGHT 37.2lbs (16.9kg)
  • Warranty Period 3 Years – Unlimited hours

Download owner’s manual here

Bravo  21-610 Kawasaki 21

YBravo 21-610 Kawasaki  21" Zone Start

Bravo Gen II 21" Zone Start Commercial Lawn Mower

The Bravo 21 Zone Start is a 21" commercial lawnmower powered by a Kawasaki FJ commercial engine and has a 2-speed heavy duty transmission that is fastest in its class. The Bravo 21 is a hi-vac rear bagging lawnmower with excellent bagging performance and outstanding mulching capabilities. The high vacuum steel deck design provides superior quality of cut. When the Zone Start safety package stops the blade from spinning the engine is also shut off. The spare parts on this commercial mower are very reasonably priced.

  • Mowing Height Adjustments - 8
  • Wheels - Radial shaped 9” wheels.
  • Fully interchangeable front and back.
  • Ball bearings in front and fixed to transmission axle in rear.
  • Front Axle 30 mm steel tube
  • Bag Capacity 2.5 Bushels
  • Mulch Plug Standard
  • Blade Standard: Regular Lift / Optional: High Lift
  • Engine Kawasaki FJ180V
  • Transmission Heavy duty 2-speed gear drive transmission
  • Ground Speed 2.8 - 3.9 mph @ 3,300 engine rpm**
  • Wheel Ratchet System Integrated within transmission
  • Transmission Drive 3L Kevlar Belt
  • Cutt ing Deck Width 21”
  • Deck Material 14-gauge stamped steel with rolled under lip
  • Wear Strips Replaceable hardened steel strips on both trim sides of mower
  • Cutt ing Heights 1” - 4.5” in .5” increments
  • Blade Control Zone Start System
  • Dry Weight 117 lbs
  • Commercial Warranty 3 Year Engine / 2 Year Limited Warranty (see warranty link below)
  • Homeowner use warranty 5 Year Mower, 3 year Engine ( see warranty link)

Model 21-610 $1049 on Sale $949 In Stock.

Model 21-210 21" Kawasaki, Blade Brake Control.

Similar as above but has BBC $1,249.00

Not stocking, as price is too close to the 25”

YBravo 25-210 25

YBravo 25-210 25" BBC 

Bravo Gen II 25" Commercial Lawn Mower (Model 25-210 )(replaces 25-201) is a commercial mower designed and built to increase the productivity of commercial users while keeping the weight and handling characteristics similar to traditional 21" commercial mowers.

  • 25" cutting deck (15%+ productivity improvement vs. 21" mowers)
  • BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) safety and convenience package
  • Belt driven blade spindle isolates the engine crankshaft from potential damage
  • Mulch plug included with the Bravo 25 mower 
  • Kawasaki Fj180v Engine 
  • Transmission Heavy duty 2-speed gear drive transmission
  • Ground Speed 3.0-4.2mph @ 3,500 engine rpm
  • Wheel Ratchet System Integrated within transmission
  • Transmission Drive 3L Kevlar Belt
  • Cutting Deck Width 25”
  • Deck Material 14-gauge stamped steel with rolled under lip
  • Blade Drive Spindle Forged spindle shaft with die cast aluminum housing and permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Wear Strips Replaceable hardened steel strips on both trim sides of mower
  • Cutting Heights 1”-4.5” 
  • Mowing Height Adjustments 6
  • Wheels Radial shaped 9” semi-pneumatic wheel. Fully interchangeable front and back.
  • Ball bearings in front and fixed to transmission axle in rear.
  • Front Axle 30mm steel tube
  • Bag Capacity 2.8 Bushels
  • Dry Weight
  • With Kawasaki 127lbs
  • Commercial Warranty
  • Kawasaki - 3 years engine, 2 year all other components 
  • Homeowner use warranty 5 Year Mower, 3 year Engine ( see warranty link )

$1,349 on Sale $1,249

In Stock

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Owners Manuals

Illustrated parts list

Service tips

Warranty statement

Ybravo website

Download Brochure, gen2 models

Comparison PDF

Lawnmower ramps

Walkbehind lawn mower ramps

Saves your back when loading mowers by yourself.

Cheaper than a Chiropractor.

Made in the USA, by us.

2"x6"x6' wood ramps with a 6" lip to prevent it from slipping off.

Light weight, does not take a lot of space, already assembled and ready to go.

(Not to be used for riding mowers, use larger ramps)

$49.99 per pair.

No-Spill Gas Cans

Push Button Control

View Stripes Front & Back

Flow Stops Automatically

Fastest Flow Rate

Large Neck Opening

Wide, Stable Design

Professional Quality

3 Year Limited Warranty


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And we have the Ybravo commercial 21” and 25” lawn mower that is better than the Honda commercial lawn mower or the Toro commercial lawn mower, or the Exmark commercial lawn mower or the Gravely commercial lawn mower or the Ariens commercial lawn mower, because there is nothing that bags better in our Washington wet grass or wet lawns on the pacific NW, Edmonds WA, around Mill Creek WA, dealer near Mount Lake Terrace WA, near Marysville Washington, Lake Stickney, Mukilteo WA,. Shoreline WA, Lake Stevens WA, Monroe WA, Clearview WA, Snohomish WA, near Lake Stevens WA, Arlington WA, Brier WA, of Bothell WA, Kenmore WA,